Creator Studio: Bloxels Basics Lesson Plan

Everything needed to get started - from an equipment list , skills covered, and time frames for activities - is included in this lesson plan focused on learning how to use Bloxels. The lesson is one in a series focusing on coding for robotics and game design.

Both a good model for the components of a successful lesson plan and useful for getting started with learning how to use Bloxels and for teaching others about how to use Bloxels. This event plan would work equally well with small and large groups, dependent upon how many iPads and Bloxels kits are available for use. Youth create their own video game using colored blocks, board game, and Bloxels app. Youth design their own characters, game layout, and challenges using the blocks. After the game is designed, sync it to the Bloxels app, and youth can play their game on their personal device. Bloxels can be used with up to 4 teens per Bloxels creation board, but it works best if you have at least one app enabled device per pair of students. Teens can create together, and they can swap games, or challenge each other. With the education kit, facilitators can create and manage student accounts to track progress and save work. While creating their own video game, youth are learning important computational thinking skills including, decomposition and algorithm design. These activities teach youth creativity, problem solving, and sequential reasoning.

Upper elementary (3-5)
Middle school (6-8)
High school (9-12)
Learner Experience w/ CS & CT: 
Some Practice
Facilitator Type: 
Library staff member
Community member
Facilitator Experience w/ CS & CT: 
Some Practice
Type of Library: 
Library Location Type: 
Very small (< 300 students, < 10k population)
Small (< 500 students, < 24k population)
Medium (< 750 students, < 99k population)
Large (< 1000 students, < 500k population)
Very large (1000+ students, 500k+ population)
Block-based programming
Design thinking
Visual arts
Program Type & Frequency: 
In school time
Out of school time
One time session
Technology required
Resource Type: 
Lesson plans & activities
Group size: 
Small (< 10)
Point of Contact: 
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